The attitude of Europeans to gambling advertising

The attitude of Europeans to gambling advertising

November 23, 2019 0 By admin32423

Governments are forced to give some freedom to people who want to earn money on gambling. Along with this, they take restrictive measures concerning its development. Which ones will be considered below.

Local authorities, for example, in Belgium, have previously amended existing laws to supplement existing restrictions. Now they’ve wholly banned the promotion of online casinos on TV, new bans have been introduced regarding their advertising on the Internet, and the measures taken are not limited to this.

Celebrities will lose additional income, and 파워볼 it is impossible to advertise gambling with their participation. Marketing of sports bets after 8 pm is prohibited, restrictions on it are also introduced during the period of displaying sports events.

Mr. Wlamming, an expert in the field of gambling, outlined his thoughts on the new regulation. First of all, such innovations reflect the negative attitude of society towards games; it is also spread outside the borders of Belgium.

How were the innovations introduced?

New rules are contained in the decrees of the king. The Ministry of Justice supports them. The decision to introduce additional restrictions was made after the World Cup. Its results showed an unprecedented increase in bets on winning a particular team. Growth affected both offices operating in the usual way, and online.

Politicians felt that the cause of the explosive growth was excessive, intrusive gambling advertising.

Despite strict regulation, the approach of the Belgian legislator in the business environment is assessed as quite reasonable. In Italy, for comparison, advertising of gambling and betting in bookmakers is wholly prohibited. One entrepreneur put it interestingly on this score: “It’s the same as dismissing all marketers. The law completely prohibits any advertising, even the distribution of visits with relevant information.”

Why an online casino?

Another contradiction is related to the one to whom the additional measures were applied. Although the bookmakers were dissatisfied, the main blow came at the online casino. The answer is partly hidden in lobbying actions undertaken by representatives of bookmakers to protect their interests.

How they want to limit online casinos

Business representatives do not thoroughly understand the new regulation. Instead of developing rules for self-restriction of negative advertising, authorities impose strict prohibitions. These include, in particular, the ban on advertising slot machines. Although formally advertising on TV is not entirely prohibited, it cannot be shown.

Dates of entry into force of the law

A part of the normative acts is effective from 01.01.2019. Other documents come into effect later in the second half of the year. Experts say the reasonableness of this approach, eliminating the sharpness of the transition. Otherwise, it would be impossible to exclude violations in the industry.

Market reaction what to do

The main recommendation for industry representatives is to advertise their services with more considerable discretion and caution. Excessive marketing activity in recent years has provoked severe changes in the law.

What to do? Choose places for advertising, do not distribute it near schools or other socially significant institutions. People are negatively affected by the content of commercials or captions on banners with pictures: the information posted is misleading. A person begins to speculate about this after he has bet and lost money.

The second aspect is the use of other means of advertising bookmaker services. Newspapers, banners, flyers. Everything should be done so as not to offend people opposed to the gambling business, not to violate the instructions of the authorities. A purely formal approach cannot be called suitable; savvy is needed here.